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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping customers find the best window treatments is our main goal at Don Oliver’s Draperies. It is our pleasure to share whatever we know with homeowners in and around Welland, ON.

We’d love to answer all your questions and listen attentively to your concerns. Read further for more helpful information below:

Where do the products come from?

We are proud to use Canadian-made products. We have selected Canadian manufacturers that are based in Toronto. They have worked with us for the past few decades.

Our fabrics come from Italy, Turkey, and India to name a few. We inspect them for quality, durability, and defects.

How should I clean vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds can be cleaned easily as they hang. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment during your regular cleaning routine. For fabric and vinyl blinds, use a dry sponge to remove dirt that the vacuum is unable to remove.

What are the best ways to clean wood and faux wood blinds?

To keep your wood blinds clean, regularly dust or vacuum them.

How long does fabrication take?

It depends on the availability of fabrics. As soon as we receive your fabric, a safe estimate is 1 to 3 weeks to manufacture your new drapes.

Do you alter ready-made draperies?

Yes, we alter ready-made draperies in our workroom in the store where all the custom-made drapes, sheers, and valances are made.

Can I clean my draperies?

Yes. After exposure to dust, cooking, tobacco smoke residue, and other pollutants, your drapes will need to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned. Dry cleaning is recommended for draperies and sheer fabrics though some people prefer to have sheer laundered rather than dry-cleaned.

What is the difference between our custom-made draperies and the ready-made draperies you can buy online or at other stores?

  • Size: They are custom-made to fit the exact size your consultant measures, so it fits your window perfectly.
  • Style: You can choose from a number of different styles that we offer to give your room a unique look.
  • Fabric: You get to choose from our extensive fabric library rather than look at pictures of fabric online.
  • Lining: We offer a wide range of linings that you can choose from to help protect your draperies and make them last a long time.

What are the factors to consider when choosing window coverings?

Knowing whether you need privacy, light, or a combination of both is important to consider when choosing window treatments.

What would be best for sliding glass/patio doors?

Choose one that opens in the same direction as your doors. Make sure that the treatment complements the other window coverings in the room. Select products that are durable enough for daily use. Consider vertical blinds and sliding door track panels.

What is best for my bathroom?

Think about privacy and durability before deciding on style. Faux wood blinds and shutters provide a high degree of privacy, style, and can handle both moisture and humidity.

What window treatment options offer energy efficiency?

There are both indoor and outdoor options. Cellular shades, blinds, and layered draperies reduce heat loss and gain indoors. For outdoor areas, opt for reflective films and screens that can help with summer heat gain.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on the type of product that was ordered and the quantity of the products. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive an order.

Do I give a deposit, and when is the balance due?

We collect 50% deposit at the time of the order. The remaining balance is due at the time of installation.

What is the warranty for my window coverings?

Warranties vary from one manufacturer to another. Ask your installer for warranty information.

Can I buy fabric from you?

Yes. You can choose from an extensive collection of the latest fabrics that we have.

What is the average price of window coverings?

Standard-size coverings have prices ranging from $200 to $600. That is why we offer free in-home estimates where our consultant will bring you samples, measure your windows, and give you a quote immediately.

Can I return and receive a refund for my custom order?

Because every order is custom-manufactured, we are unable to accept returns and cannot issue refunds. However, for the ready-made purchases in the store, we will offer you store credit which can be used towards other in-store purchases.

How should I measure my window treatments?

Take measurements in 3 locations. Do so horizontally and vertically. Round up your measurements to the nearest 1/8″.

For inside mounts, take the exact window measurements. For outside mounts, measure entire areas that you want to cover.

What are inside and outside mounts?

Inside mounts allow you to hang your window treatment from the inside of your window casings. For outside mounts, treatments are attached outside of your window casings.

Do you charge to come out and visit my home?

No, we’re happy to come visit you at home or work. We offer a free consultation for window covering estimates.

Our consultant will bring the samples of your choice to you. Please schedule an appointment to meet one of our consultants.

How do I get started?

Simply call us and make an appointment. We will send a professional window treatment consultant over to take measurements and answer your questions.

How do I keep my new draperies or blinds looking like new?

Clean them regularly. Dry cleaning can also be done. You can also vacuum or wipe down draperies.

Motorization and Remote Control

What products can be motorized?

With motorized window treatments, you need to make sure your treatment and motor are compatible. Our experts can help you decide the motorized solution which works best for you.

What do I consider when selecting motorized blinds?

Focus on durability, compatibility, cost, noise, power source, and remote control options.

How do you compare wired control from radio control?

A wired system controls your motor through wires directly attached to your walls. A radio-controlled system controls your motor through radio waves and not through wires.

What are the different ways to power a motorized window treatment?

There are 3 ways: DC power adapter, battery power, and solar power.

What is the benefit to using battery power?

Battery-powered tubes are easily installed and do not require hard wiring or a location close to an electrical outlet.

What remote control options are available?

Device and online apps.

Measuring Instructions

Accurate measurements are essential. Be sure to use a quality steel tape measure since cloth tapes or wood rulers are not dependable for precise measurements. Though they may look identical, you have to measure all windows.

Inside Mount

  1. Mounted inside window frame
  2. Built-in, clean look
  3. Visible and decorative trim
  4. Sufficient mounting depth required
  5. Measure each window in three places: top, centre, and bottom for the width measurement
  6. Provide the smallest measurement of the three
  7. Repeat the same for the length: right, centre, and left measurements
  8. Provide the smallest of the three

Outside Mount

  1. Mounted outside the frame
  2. Used for frames with shallow mounting depth
  3. Hides window molding imperfections
  4. Measure each window in two places: across the top for the width and downward for the length

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